“What do you do with the manger after Christmas?”

This is a frequently asked question. And we have several fun ideas!

1. Use it for outdoor decoration.

2. Use it to hold your books.

3. Use it as it’s originally intended purpose…a feed trough.

4. Use it as a cradle…like Mary and Joseph did.

5. Use it as a planter.

6. Use it to hold logs for your fireplace or fire pit. 

7. Use it to hold extra towels in a bathroom.

8. Use it by the Christmas tree to hold gifts.

9. Fill it with goodies and deliver it to a local fire station, shut-in or nursing home.

10. Give it to a neighbor or relative as a gift.

11. Turn it into a cross at Easter.

12. Let the kids take it apart and drive nails in the boards until they are demolished, then throw it away.

Let us know what you have done (or plan to do) with your manger! Share your ideas with us!