In regards to our Manger Build, we had our “in house ” build last night and Brother we had such a great time ! We built 18 mangers in total, but, what was so cool was that we had several opps for men to help kids who’s dads where not there, men building for grandkids not present, even two youth working together! We witnessed 75-100 Believers fellowshipping in a way so rare and so beautiful its really hard to describe. Your materials were a hit and everyone is excited and looking forward to going thru the seven day devotional portion as well. I will offer this; out of last night came one of the best pieces of advertising we could EVER do for our community build in Dec.! I now have 25 plus families that are out right now telling all there friends and relatives how great this Manger Build is and that they better get signed up come in Dec. My photo guy took lots of pictures and I will get them to you ASAP for your review and enjoyment.

Thanks for being so faithful to the Lord as it continues to bare fruit and multiply the Kingdom. My family looks forward to seeing yours Wed and I will be in touch last minute just to verify we are still green light.

Steve Long, Sr