Hello Mike,

We just had an awesome time doing the manger build. We had 15 men with 12 children from 3.5 years old to teens who had never had father figures in their lives.

It was an awesome event with grandpa’s helping granddaughters, grandsons, and dads helping sons and daughters as well. We had a single man helping a grandpa and his grandson.  We had a brother invite two teenage boys who only last year came from Guatemala speaking very little English. In all we built 9 mangers. We were quite creative predrilling the holes for the nails so the three year old could pound his nails in effortlessly. Dad or Grampa had to finish hammering when the nail met too much resistance. One of our teenagers from the youth group was on hand taking all kinds of pictures. I will send some of the best to you as soon as I get them. Thank you so much for giving us the Kit. I think I will be available to get the word out to other churches next year as I will be have contacts through my work with the Nathan Project. Thanks again and I will send Pictures as soon as I get some. I may even have our photographer send the pics as he is good at that sort of thing.

Richard W Curtis Jr
Crossroads Christian Church
East Montpelier, VT