Sorry to be late in giving you the report of our Manger Build project, but, needless to say, it was a great success. I heard comments like:

” Best thing the men have ever done for our young families “.

” Me and the kids didn’t expect this to be as powerful an event as it ended up being. I definitely am glad that we did this together”.

” This started off as mass chaos because I’m not a craft or woodworking sort of guy ( he’s actually a lawyer ), but with the help of skilled craftsmen and the easy directions, we ended up having a great time “.

There were many similar comments from all the dads and grand dads. One grandfather subbing for his son who was unable to attend said ” I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out with me and the grand kids, but it was a blast and proved to be a great thing to share with them “.

In all we had a total of 28 families signed up four days before the event ( we had set that as the cut off date ); but had 28 sign up in the last 3 days. We had a few 3 more show up on Saturday morning, so, we ended up with 56 total mangers. We even made 4 more after the event bringing our total to 60.

Greatest comment that I had from a dad was ” At 9:30 this morning, it sounded like a small war with hammers and nails, but, no one was injured outside of a few fingers being hit “. ” I learned how not to hold a nail while my four year old tried to hit it “…

Looking forward to next year already…

In His Service