Hey Mike and the Brothers at Noble Warriors,

Just wanted to share w/ yall that we all at JCF II had a really awesome night at our manger build.  I believe we build 17 mangers in all.  It was truly an amazing experience. I had the privilege of building it w/ my son who is nearly 4. My 2 daughters 7 & 8 just loved it also.

I also wanted to share that one of our men (he & his wife got saved a little over a year ago) who lives about 45 minutes away from where we meet, hosted his own manger build this past Friday night, which he even sent out birthday party for Jesus invitations to many of his friends, colleagues, etc. describing what they were invited to do & dinner included.  He also included the Scripture verse: (Luke 2:11-12).

He shared w/ me today that he had over 43 people show up(11 different families)!–Praise GOD!!!

I just thought this might encourage all of you all.  Thanks again for all yall do for His Kingdom, His Glory, & His Name sake!—(1 Cor 15:57-58)

GOD Bless!
In CHRIST Alone!
Jim Pulling (1 John 4:19)