12 Creative Ways to Use or Lose Your Manger

"What do you do with the manger after Christmas?" This is a frequently asked question. And we have several fun ideas! 1. Use it for outdoor decoration. 2. Use it to hold your books. 3. Use it as it's originally intended purpose...a feed trough. 4. Use it as a cradle...like Mary and Joseph did. 5. [...]

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Head to Head: The Manger Build vs. Children’s Christmas Musical

We often hear that the church calendar is too full at Christmas and “We simply can’t do The Manger Build because we already do a Christmas musical for the kids.” OK, I get it. And I’m not going to tell you not to do the musical but here's an itemized (and admittedly biased) analysis of the two [...]

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6 Great Reasons to Host The Manger Build this Christmas!

1) Most families in your community celebrate Christmas but don't know Jesus. Sad, but true. It’s hard to believe how so many could miss Christ in Christmas, but they do. Your church could help families learn why they’re celebrating! 2) Churches often struggle to engage busy young families. Everywhere I go, men's ministry leaders ask, "How [...]

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