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12 Creative Ways to Use or Lose Your Manger

"What do you do with the manger after Christmas?" This is a frequently asked question. And we have several fun ideas! 1. Use it for outdoor decoration. 2. Use it to hold your books. 3. Use it as it's originally intended purpose...a feed trough. 4. Use it as a cradle...like Mary and Joseph did. 5. [...]

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The Manger Build® Across the Country

And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger… Luke 2:7a ESV A growing number of families across the US celebrate Christmas but miss the point of Jesus. The Manger Build provides a strategy to help churches encourage men in their congregations and communities to lead the [...]

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Head to Head: The Manger Build vs. Children’s Christmas Musical

We often hear that the church calendar is too full at Christmas and “We simply can’t do The Manger Build because we already do a Christmas musical for the kids.” OK, I get it. And I’m not going to tell you not to do the musical but here's an itemized (and admittedly biased) analysis of the two [...]

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6 Great Reasons to Host The Manger Build this Christmas!

1) Most families in your community celebrate Christmas but don't know Jesus. Sad, but true. It’s hard to believe how so many could miss Christ in Christmas, but they do. Your church could help families learn why they’re celebrating! 2) Churches often struggle to engage busy young families. Everywhere I go, men's ministry leaders ask, "How [...]

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Illinois Chevy Dealership Hosts The Manger Build!

Check out this story from a guy who is passionate about The Manger Build! A community was impacted, seeds planted, the Light shown...and God used The Manger Build and a Chevy dealership in Pekin, Illinois to do it. Dear Mike, Several years ago there was a Manger Build card on a table at our church. I asked several [...]

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The Manger Build Testimony: Wayne Chang

My spiritual journey with The Manger Build has been a process similar to starting a fire with flint and steel. The first “spark” for me was struck at the Iron Sharpens Iron conference I attended in March 2012 in Richmond, VA.  It was my first conference and it was overwhelming at times because of so [...]

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The Manger Build Testimony: Richard Curtis

Hello Mike, We just had an awesome time doing the manger build. We had 15 men with 12 children from 3.5 years old to teens who had never had father figures in their lives. It was an awesome event with grandpa's helping granddaughters, grandsons, and dads helping sons and daughters as well. We had a single [...]

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The Manger Build Testimony: Jonathan Kennedy

Mike, Unfortunately we only had 3 families this year (10 last year). But the feedback was amazing from the dads. In fact one of the boys told his dad that building the manger was more fun than the laser tag bday party he went to afterward. Such a blessing to have this time with our [...]

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The Manger Build Testimony: Donnie Craft

Mike: Sorry to be late in giving you the report of our Manger Build project, but, needless to say, it was a great success. I heard comments like: " Best thing the men have ever done for our young families ". " Me and the kids didn't expect this to be as powerful an event [...]

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The Manger Build Testimony: Steve Long

Mike, In regards to our Manger Build, we had our "in house " build last night and Brother we had such a great time ! We built 18 mangers in total, but, what was so cool was that we had several opps for men to help kids who's dads where not there, men building for [...]

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